BMW R75/5, R60/5 & R50/5 mufflers

Grey R75/5

In Europe, they call them "silencers." In the United States, they call them "mufflers." The items are the same, and the results are the same. This grey R75/5 is equipped with stock mufflers as supplied in the early 1970s. Notice the taper at the ends, and the way the mufflers angle up at about 25 degrees.

Generic replacement muffler

The muffler at the right is a newer replacement from the aftermarket. It's sort of a generic BMW replacement muffler for air-cooled twins. Notice that it is not tapered on the end like a good cigar.

Stainless Epco muffler

Epco also manufactures a stainless steel muffler with the tapered cigar tip. Available from, stainless mufflers cost more, but last much longer than regular mufflers. Plus, the tapered ends look original.

Stainless Epco pea-shooter muffler

Epco also makes a stainless "peashooter" style of muffler. The sound is a little more aggressive than a typical tapered-end /5 muffler, but it's not so annoying that your neighbors will call the police every time you start the motorcycle.These mufflers are also available from