200 (and counting) 5United members have shared pictures of their beloved /5 bikes under the 5United Gallery member only area. Not a member, no worries, here are a small sample of just some of our members bikes you may find on the roads near you.

Jerry Cole's 1971 R60/5 with aluminum fenders, Dunstall mufflers, velocity stacks, chromed tank, S bars, Triumph tailight, custom wiring harness, no guages.

This is the Beemer Caff of Thomas Arens in Germany. Well done indeed!

This is the BMW R 100 S of German Ton Up Boy Hans-Joachim Thielager with /5 series side panels, digital ignition kit, Girling rear shocks and Knoscher single seat.

K-MAX! Uwe Riethmueller from Germany built this BMW K 1100. Engine with racing cams and modified Mototronic. Stiffer braces, rear wheel 5-1/2 inch with 180 Metzeler Z1 and some other parts.

Gregor Halenda is the proud owner of this well done beemer beauty: "The idea behind this bike was to create a BMW cafe racer in the Triton spirit. Stock frame is trianulated into a trellis above the engine. Front end is Ducati 851, tank is from The Tank Shop. 1000cc engine is blue printed and is in a mild state of tune".

Willi Ley from Meckenheim, Germany, converted his R 80ST into this fine cafe racer: "Seat by Aermacchi, Engine is 1000cc, 70HP. Dry weight is 168kg, frame nickled with self made rear section. Exhaust by Glaetter, Hella `Ochsenaugen´ indicators"

Jean de Barsy is modifying his ´78 R100RS into a café racer. "This is a slow process as I need to find special parts which seems quite difficult. Next step is to have the frame chromed, mount wider AKRONT wheels and other clocks to make it look meaner! Till now it got a Knoscher seat, Koni shocks & some other parts."

Marijn Ritter from Bad Camberg , Germany tells us:"Hi fellow Rockers. I just enjoyed your excellent picture gallery and with all those beemers in there I thought that I might just as well add mine to it ;o) It's a ´80 BMW R100S with some 75 hp. I 'converted' it last winter , but as a real cafe-racer it is never really finished . It has run over 150 000 km in its life so far - still as fresh as ever!"

Dennis Krogfoss from Norway sent in this picture of his BMW Cafe Racer. "It´s a R75/5 with 900cc engine, mild race cam and Hoske mufflers. Fueltank is Heinrich, seat self made. Thanks for a great site"

Richard van Ooijik from Rijnsburg Holland tells us: "This is my Beemer cafe racer that I recently finished. I bought this bike some four years ago as one piece of junk and I started rebuilding it. From the start I knew I wanted te build something away from the ordinairy, something that cherished the old style without being dull, a mix of old and new without doing harm to the history."

This mean beemer belongs to Axel Steigerwald from Berlin, Germany: "Stuetz Turbo with air cooler,1020 ccm, 130 hp, K100 fork, wider rims, Brembo brakes and lots of other parts to make it run fast!"

This beemer cafe racer was turned in from "Liebe Jung", Krefeld, Germany: "I got upset on my former Ducati 996 SPS whilst always being overtaken by those guys from the local BAOR unit on their Tritons & Dresdas, so I got to get me something more powerful". Furthemore he insists that the colour is "Manfred von Richthofen Red".

"Hello there guys, another BMW cafe racer from the Netherlands", tells us Dutch Ton Up Boy Marco. "It was built by my best buddy. I bought it 18 months ago. It now sits in my living room while I drive my other beemers. Total rebuild, 4 valve Krauser cyl-heads and plenty custom made parts. Quite fast and superb handling !!"

American Jim Franzen turned in this picture of his superb /5 beemer: "With 800cc engine, Toaster tank, and more goodies"

"Hi! My name is Fredrik Rundqvist and I live in Sweden. Here you have a picture of my BMW R75/5 from `73".

German riding fellow Michael Stallmeister tells us: "Hi Boys and Girls! Well, its just another BMW, but to see it in your Gallery would be the Biggest. Basis was an ´81 80G/S , now it´s 1000cc with 65 hp , built out of 7 different Models and a little bit of this and that. To ride it has nothing to do with a Standard BMW."

American beemer rider Scott Baker turned in this photo of his fine flat twin: "Greetings from Dallas, Texas. I't my 77' R100S with Krauser 4V heads, Knosher Sport faring, Mikuni TM flatslides and lot's of custom mods including rear sets and top motor mount".