... and in Winter!

If the motorcycle is to be stored for the winter or even longer, the following steps can protect it against corrosion and harmful effects of the weather:

  1. Drain oil when engine is hot, clean oil screen and oil pan.
  2. Fill anti-corrosion oil to the lower mark of the dip stick (approximately 2.1 pints), then let engine run without load for about 1 minute. Remove the oil filter and close the filter chamber. If you take your motorcycle out of operation for more than 1/2 year to three years maximum drain oil from the transmission, drive shaft housing and rear wheel drive and fill 0.8 pints anti-corrosion oil into the transmission, 0.1 pints into the drive shaft housing and 0.2 pints into the rear wheel drive. Place motorcycle onto center stand, shift to second gear and let it run at high idling speed for several seconds.
  3. Remove spark plugs and fill 15 to 20 cc upperlube preservative per cylinder into the spark plug holes. With the kick starter, turn the engine over twice forcefully, set piston to top dead center. Screw the spark plugs back in.
  4. Clean the carburetor, close the fuel petcocks. The fuel tank should be kept full to protect the inside tank coating and the petcock gaskets.
  5. Remove the battery. Before reinstalling battery have it serviced at your authorized BMW dealer.
  6. Clean and dry your motorcycle thoroughly. Lubricate brake and clutch lever pivots and the center stand bearing by spraying with lubricant.
  7. Grease all bare and chromed steel parts with an acidfree grease and spray the motorcycle with protective oil.
  8. Put the motorcycle on the center stand in a dry place (acid-laden air is unsuited). Tighten steering damper and support both fork ends and rear wheel wing with wooden blocks so that both wheels are off the ground.
Corrosion inhibiting, Upperlube Preservative, acid-free oil and protective oil, see Technical Data

When you put your motorcycle back into operation, drain the anti-corrosion oil and fill with new oil, see Technical Data. Do not forget to put the main flow oil filter back into the engine. Fill the gas tank. Put the battery back in, connect the cables, tighten nuts and apply terminal lubricant to the battery terminals. Clean the spark plugs, check and, if necessary, correct their electrode gap. Lubricate the spark plug threads lightly with graphite lubricant prior to screwing them back in.

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