BMW's Disclaimer

We reserve the right to modify designs, equipment and fittings in the interests of continuing technical development. Dimensions, weights and performance data are quoted to generally accepted tolerances. Errors and omissions excepted.

Roger's Disclaimer

I'm attempting to reproduce the owner's manual as faithfully as possible, in the interest of the safety and enjoyment of all who own one of these wonderful bikes, but do not have an owner's manual, BMW's word on how to operate it.

Toby's Disclaimer

Roger did an excellent job making the online owner's manual a high-fidelity copy of the paper one. I have made some changes that improve the online rendering at the cost of drifting slightly from the paper version. In the technical data section, for example, Roger preserved the page breaks so some tables got split into two pieces. I have joined them back together so their presentation works better online. I have also corrected some obvious typos and spelling errors.